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Pool Supplies in Rockwall, TX

Our store has a complete inventory of pool products to meet your needs including pool chemicals, pool equipment (pool heaters, pool pumps, automation systems, etc), pool accessories, and pool party favors. So if you need pool supplies in Rockwall, TX contact our pool equipment store.

Community Home Services is your Polaris pool floor and Dolphin robotic cleaner expert! Just bring your pool cleaner into our store and we will diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs in-store.

Water Testing

Swimming pools are more than just a spot for relaxation and fun; they’re a commitment to health and safety. One integral aspect of maintaining a pool is ensuring that the water is chemically balanced. The right balance prevents skin and eye irritation, enhances equipment longevity, and, most importantly, ensures a safe environment for swimmers. Here’s an in-depth look at the available pool water testing methods

At-Home Pool Water Testing

When it comes to at-home testing, convenience and quick results are key. Fortunately, several options cater to these needs:

  • Liquid Test Kits:

These kits are popular among pool owners for their accuracy. A liquid test kit generally includes a set of reagents that you’ll drop into water samples. By comparing the resulting colors with a provided chart, you can determine the pH, chlorine, bromine, and alkalinity levels of your pool. While they might seem complex at first, with practice, they offer reliable results.

  • Test Strips:

For those looking for a quick and easy method, test strips might be your best bet. Simply dip the strip into your pool, wait for a moment, and then compare the strip’s colors to a reference chart. Test strips can measure several water parameters simultaneously, including pH, total alkalinity, chlorine, bromine, and even hardness. They’re less precise than liquid kits, but their ease-of-use makes them a favorite for regular quick checks.

In-Store Pool Water Testing

While DIY methods are fantastic for routine checks, sometimes you need a more thorough analysis. That’s where in-store testing comes into play.

At Community Home Services, we offer professional pool water testing at our fully stocked retail storefront. Our trained experts utilize advanced equipment to provide a comprehensive water analysis. This detailed examination detects subtleties and nuances that might be missed by at-home methods. Not only will you get accurate results, but our team will also offer specific product recommendations and advice tailored to your pool’s needs.

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