Tree Trimming in Dallas and Rockwall, TX

Keeping Dallas Trees Healthy & Strong

Trees add beauty to your landscape, provide shade from the sun, help prevent soil erosion, reduce water runoff, clean the air, and increase property value. However, your trees need proper care to stay healthy. Community Home Services offers professional tree trimming in Rockwall and Dallas to help keep your trees strong, healthy, and attractive.

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The Importance of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an essential component of proper tree care. Scheduling professional tree trimming is important for more than just removing unwanted branches or dead branches. Trimming your trees helps encourage normal growth and improves the overall appearance and health of the tree.

Tree trimming helps to:

  • Allow roots to grow deeper in the soil
  • Enhance the beauty of your trees
  • Prevent potential hazards caused by weak or dead branches
  • Treat and prevent disease
  • Improve fruit production

Tree trimming must be done correctly and at the right time of year for best results and to protect the health of the tree. It is important not to trim the tree too short or to cut too many branches. Our technicians can advise you about tree trimming in Rockwall and provide expert service that is safe for you and your trees.

When is the Best Time to Trim a Tree

For optimal health and growth, it is important to trim your trees at the right time of the year. Ideally, you should schedule tree trimming during the fall or winter but before the trees start to bud in the spring. In the fall, your trees are starting to enter the dormant period, which lasts until the trees start to get buds again in the fall. During the dormant period, the wounds from trimming will heal faster.

In addition to choosing the right time of the year, the proper technique and knowledge are required to ensure that the trimming is successful and the tree is not harmed. Over trimming can lead to irreversible damage, even if it is done during the dormant stage. For this reason, you should only trust an experienced professional for tree trimming in Rockwall.

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Tree Services Tailored To Your Needs

We provide tree trimming, lawn services, and a variety of other services to keep your outdoor areas in great shape. Our technicians have the training needed to properly trim your trees, without removing too many branches or causing harm to the trees. Large, beautiful trees are an asset for your home, so don’t risk the health of your trees to inexperienced hands.

Our service vans are well-stocked with the tools and equipment needed for top-rate tree trimming service. We always keep our customers informed about the services that we provide for them. We can advise you about the best timing for tree trimming and the best methods for the specific types of trees that you have on your property.


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